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Are you interested in our products? You can order directly through Atelier Fischer or, should you need any information in advance, please contact us personally. We’ll then be more than happy to send you our current price list with our delivery conditions. Or should you wish to get to know our products at first hand, we would be delighted if you could visit us at one of the following trade fairs:
International Toy Fair
Ornaris Bern

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You have the following options for purchasing our games and products or simply finding out more about them: Our products are available in retail outlets (e.g. toy shops, boutiques, souvenir shops, a variety of handicraft markets, stationery shops, bookshops, museum shops or other businesses). The advantage of shopping on location is the advice and assistance offered when choosing a product. You can also see original examples of games and examine their quality and workmanship. You can, of course, also purchase products through online trading and different Internet shops.

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    There are currently 5 names in this directory beginning with the letter Z.
    Landsgemeindeplatz 6
    7130 Ilanz
    +41 (0) 81 920 03 33
    Schweiz Suisse Switzerland  Graubünden  Grisons

    Neumarkt, St. Gallen
    St.Leonhard-Strasse 39
    9000 St. Gallen
    +41 71 228 10 12
    Schweiz Suisse Switzerland  onlineshop  St.Gallen  Saint-Gall  

    Shopping Arena,St.Gallen
    Zürcherstrasse 464
    9015 St.Gallen
    +41 71 228 10 14
    Schweiz Suisse Switzerland  onlineshop  St.Gallen  Saint-Gall  

    Zum Kinderland Spielwaren
    Geissgasse 15
    4310 Rheinfelden
    +41 (0) 61 831 74 76
    Schweiz Suisse Switzerland  Aargau  Argovie

    Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft Museumsshop
    Hirschengraben 8
    8004 Zürich
    +41 (0) 44 253 85 41
    Schweiz Suisse Switzerland  Zürich  Zurich